We all know that babies don’t come with instructions! Together Wee Grow is ready to partner with you and teach you everything that parents need to know to make life easier and help your baby/babies develop great sleep habits. Together Wee Grow uses the successful Moms On Call Philosophy founded by two pediatric nurses which is now used by parents all over the globe!


It is normal for parents to have questions and concerns about their newborn and to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious about wondering if they are doing things “right”. Together Wee Grow provides training and understanding in essential baby care, illness guidelines, and feeding/sleeping routines that allow parents to feel comfortable in their child’s well-being. We pride ourselves in happy babies, confident parents, and miracle sleep tips!


All new parents need SLEEP! Our in-home night nursing services do just that! Let our experienced registered nurses or newborn care specialists take care of your wee one while you get much needed rest. We are dedicated to providing support for families on this exciting new journey with their new baby/babies. We have experience with newborns, multiples, and little ones with medical/feeding needs. Our night nursing services have many benefits for families, ensuring that all family members are comfortable and rested with their new role in caring for their new baby/babies.


In addition to in-home night nursing, Together Wee Grow offers in-home consultations which include a Moms on Call book, swaddle blanket, and 6 months of unlimited email support. We also offer personalized phone and email support consultations.  All of our services can be personalized to meet your family’s needs! We are here to help you and your wee one grow in a well-rested, happy and healthy environment!



Meet Megan!


Megan is a registered nurse with experience in home health and NICU as well as a firm believer in the Moms on Call Method.  Megan knows what it is like to have worries and a multitude of emotions that come with caring for a newborn.  The Moms on Call method was the answer to many of her worries.  Because of the success it provided for her family, she decided to embark on this journey and provide many other families with the same help and guidance.


Megan has always had a passion for babies and enjoys providing families the knowledge and tools they need to raise their baby in a happy and healthy environment. She has a calm and nurturing demeanor and provides consultations in the comfort of your own home in a relaxed manner.


Mom, RN, Founder of Together Wee Grow

Megan lives in Columbus, Ohio and is married to Michael. They have a one year old daughter, Maelin Rose, who was sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old thanks to Moms on Call!  Megan looks forward to partnering with you and your wee ones so that everyone is well-rested, healthy, and happy!  Feel free to contact Megan at togetherweegrowllc@gmail.com for private in home consultations and personalized email or phone consultations.

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